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1.8 Setup Online Booking

 Setting up online booking is the same for both practitioners who are principal account holders of an office, as well as practitioners working under an office.

When each practitioner is setting up online booking options, these settings only apply to the office he or she is currently working in.

Step 1: Set Up Online Booking

  • Go to your practitioner profile page by clicking my profile link in the drop down menu under your name at the top right of the SmartND interface.
  • Under your profile select online booking options.
  • Fill in your personal hours of operation.
  • Click update at the bottom of the page to save your changes before moving on.
1.1.4  Online Booking Options

Step 1: Set Up Online Booking


Step 2: Update Options

Setting up these fields will help you build the perfect schedule for your office.

1.7.1.    Online booking name

  • In the field marked online booking name, enter a single word (no spaces, only letters or numbers) to be used as a part of the URL that patients will visit to book online with you. For example, you could put the name of your clinic, or your own name. Just remember not to use spaces or any other special characters – only letters and numbers.
  • Click update to save your changes. As soon as the update is run, you will see one or two links appear where the online booking name field used to be. These are your links to your online booking page. One link is for the general office online booking page, which is useful if you have multiple practitioners and they are all using online booking. The other link is for your own personal online booking page. You can use either of these 2 links on your own website to direct your patients to your online booking portal.

These are what the links look like.

Office Online Booking Link




Practitioner Online Booking Link




1.7.2    Magnetic booking

  • Magnetic booking is turned on by default. It makes your day more efficient by only allowing patients to book visits before or after existing visits for that day. This prevents you from having odd gaps throughout the day. If there are no visits in that day, they will be given 3 choices: morning, midday, and end of day.

1.7.3    Default scheduling intervals

  • Setting default intervals sets your online booking availability for specific times during the day. Eg if set to 60 mins it will show appointments available on the hour, every hour.

1.7.4    Break between visits

  • In the field marked break between visits enter the number of minutes you would like to set as a default ‘break’ between your appointments that are booked online. This will give you some time to get ready between your appointments. You can override this setting on an event by event basis when creating or editing your events using the buffer option.

1.7.5    Minimum booking notice

  • In the field marked minimum booking notice, enter the number of hours in advance that a patient has to book an appointment online. For example, if you enter 24, then all online appointments will be booked at least 24 hours in advance.


Step 3: Setting Confirmation Email

  • You can craft a custom e-mail confirmation that patients will receive when they book an appointment with you online.
  • Click save.
  • To view a sample of this confirmation e-mail, click the test e-mail button to send a test e-mail to your practitioner e-mail address.

This confirmation is specific to the currently logged-in office. To write confirmation e-mails for other offices that you are a part of, switch offices using the menu at the top right.

Email notification for Patient Portal Account Creation

Step 3: Setting Confirmation Email


Step 4: Selecting Online Booking Events

  • At the bottom of the online booking page, there is an online booking events section. These are events that are office events as well as your specific practice made events. Selecting an event type makes it available for online booking.
  • Select update.
Select which event you want online

Step 4: Selecting Online Booking Events