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1.4 Update Practitioner Profile

Follow these steps once you are logged in to your SmartND account to update your contact information.

Step 1: Update Practitioner Profile

  • Go to your practitioner profile page by clicking the my profile link in the drop down menu under your name at the top right of the SmartND interface.
  • Fill out all the information in the general tab
  • Click update at the bottom of the page to save your changes before moving on.


Update practitioner profile

Step 1


Step 2: Upload file to Documents

  • While in practitioner profile, go to documents.
  • Documents allow you to drag & drop, or upload files that you can use in many ways on SmartND.
  • While you are uploading your profile picture here, you can also upload an office logo file to upload to your office profile later.
1.1.1 update profile documents

Step 2


Step 3: Upload Profile Picture to Profile

  • While still in your practitioner profile, go back to general to now upload your profile picture.
  • Click update.
1.1.1 update profile documents profile pic

Step 2