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1.5 Setup The Office Profile

As the principal account holder you set up the office hours, as well as the visit & event types that apply to the whole office for online booking. Each practitioner that has been invited with SmartND to work in the office, also needs to complete their own personal profile for their practice.

Step 1:  principal account holder set up office profile.

  • Go to your office profile page by clicking the office tab in the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Fill out all the information in the general tab including location information & hours of operation.
  • Click update for both sections at the bottom of the page to save your changes before moving on.


Principal Account Holder Office Set Up

Step 1: Update Office Profile


Step 2: Upload Files for Office information

  • Go to your profile at the top right.
  • Select documents at the top and drag and drop or upload your office logo.


1.1.1 update profile documents

Step 2: Uploading Profile Documents Under Your Profile

  • After uploading your office logo to documents under your profile, go back to your office profile and select that uploaded file for your office logo.
1.5 office logo

Step 2: Upload Office Logo


Step 4: Principal account holder creating visit & event types for office.

Each office visit & event type will be set up by the principal account holder. These visit & events types are available to use by any practitioner who is invited to that office. The principal account holder & practitioners working under this office can also set up their own personal visit & event types in their profile. Refer to Help Guide 1.7 for more about using visit & event types for online booking.

  • Select office from the left side main navigation bar. office location information & office logo should already be filled in (see above).
  • Select visit & event types.

Events added here will be available to all practitioners connected to this office. In some cases, offices may want to standardize the type and length of the various services that are offered by its practitioners. These office level events are designed for this purpose. A visit & event created within the office tab, will be available to all practitioners.

  • Select create visit/event types.
  • Fill out all the event information. (see note below on the difference between patient and non-patient visits)
  • Interval setting will be explained in Help Guide 1.7
  • Select save event.

The difference between patient visits and non-patients visits are, patient visits can be available for online booking. Non-patient visits are more general for the office. These visits are great for scheduling vacations, lunches or office meetings. Practitioners or admin staff can schedule these general events to block availability off for online booking.

Create office Visit & Event type

Step 4: Principal Account holder creating Visit & Event types for Office.

Step 6: Room Management 

  • Once in office select room management.
  • Select create new room.
  • Fill out room information.

All practitioners will now be able to book appointments in this room.

Office - create room management

Step 6: Create a room