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1.6 Setup Practitioner Visit & Event Types (optional)

Setting up visit & event types for online booking is the same for both practitioners who are principal account holders of an office, as well as practitioners working under an office.

The only difference is as the principal account holder, you set up the office hours, as well as create visit & event types that apply to the whole office for online booking. Each practitioner, including the principal account holder needs to complete their own personal profile inlcuding visit & event types.

Refer to Help Guide 1.5 for principal account holder office set up.


 Step 1: Setting up Visit & Event Types.

  • Go to your practitioner profile page by clicking on my profile.
  • Select visit & event types.
  • Select create new event/visit.
  • Select if the event is a patient visit or non-patient event.
  • Fill out the event information.
  • Click save event.
Create Practitioner Event

Step 2: Create a New Visit & Event Type


Once the event is saved, you can add an automatic reminder by selecting the ‘edit’ icon for the event.


Practitioner Events

Visit and Event Types


Event Reminder

Set an event reminder.


You can make as many visit & event types as you want for your personal practice. You can now select these visit & event types to show as available for online booking.

Refer to Help Guide 1.7 for more on setting automatic reminders.