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2.1 Invite Practitioners & Admin Staff to your office.

Step 1: Invite Practitioners & Admin Staff.

  • Click on Office Profile from the main left Navigation Bar.
  • Once in the Office Profile 
  • Select Practitioners & Staff from the top navigation bar.
  • The email entered to add a Practitioner or Admin staff must be the email used for their smartnd account.
  • Click Invite
Invite Practitioners & Admin to Office

Step 1: Invite Practitioners & Admin Staff


Step 2: Practitioners New Office

  • If the practitioner or admin staff already have an account with Smartnd, the office that they were invited to will now be available to work from when they login next. (See Image One)
  • If the practitioner or admin staff is just creating a new office after being invited to an office by another practitioner, they will have a pending request to accept the office when they create an account. When the practitioner or admin login the first time the pending request will be the first screen that they see.  (See Image Two)
Practitioner new office invite


pending request for new practitioner