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1.2 – Create an Office

Once you create your account, you will be prompt to create an office. 

Step 1: Add your first office.

  • Click on add your first office. (You can add more offices in the future)
2. Create Office

Step 1


Step 2: Fill out Office Information.

  • Fill out your contact information. This includes the hours of operation with the red X fields.
  • If the clinic is closed one day, check off the closed box.
  • Select Chart Ownership either practitioner owner or office owned.

Practitioner Owned: Practitioners that you invite to your office will retain ownership of all charts.
Office Owned: The office will have ownership of all charts created by practitioners invited to the office.

  • Once you have completed all areas, you will see green for go!
  •  Click save details and create an office.


2. New Office

Step 2: Remember to fill out all of the sections including the Hours of Operation with the red X fields.


2. Chart Ownership

Step 2: Select Chart Ownership either Practitioner Owner or Office Owned.


2. New Office

Step 2


 Step 3: Select An Office

  • Select the office you just created, to work in that office.
  • You can create more than one office for each SmartND account.
2. New Office Select

Step 3