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3.1 Adding Patients

Step 1: Adding Patients.

  • On the left hand main navigation bar select Patients.
  • At the top enter name, last name, phone number & email in Add New Patient
  • Make sure the email you are entering for the patient is an email that they are happy to use for their Patient Portal.
3.1 Add New Patient

Step 1: Add New Patient


Step 2: Selecting +Quick Add vs + Create Profile.

After entering the new patients name, last name, phone number & email you can select +Quick Add or +Create Profile

3.1 +Quick add vs +Create Profile

+ Quick Add vs + Create Profile


If you select + Quick Add the patient will be added to a Master Patient List below. This is just a quick way for you to enter them into your system right away (See Below).

3.1 create profile for patient

Step 2: + Quick add


If you select + Create Profile the Patient’s Work Space will open (See Below).


3.1 Create Patient Profile

Creating Patient Profile.



Step 3: Open previously added patient’s work space.

 To get back into that Patient’s Work Space to add more information to their file, follow these steps.

  • On the left hand main navigation bar select Patients.
  • Scroll down to your Master Patient List.
  • To select a specific patient, click on the person icon to the left of the patients name.
  • This will open the Patient Work Space.


3.1 Master Patient List

Step 3: Open Patient work space from Master Patient List.


Selecting the person icon beside a patients name will bring you into that Patients Work Space. This is the same page that opens when you select + Create Profile when adding a new patient.


3.1 Create Patient Profile

Step 3: Patient Work Space