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3.2 Importing A Patient List

Step 1: Current Patient list – Export or Save as CSV File Type.

Important all files containing patient lists must be exported or save as  a CVS file. Once exported make sure the new file is saved onto your computer before importing into Patient Importer. 

3.2- patient importing export to CSV

Export file to CSV file.


Step 2: Import Patient Lists

  • In Office, select Patient Importer.
  • Either Drag & Drop or Import the CSV file patients list.


3.2- patient importing

Step 2: Drag & Drop Or Import CVC File To Patient Importer.


Step 3: Verify Column Assignments For Your Data

  • Please make sure to verify the column assignments for your data.
  • Select the correct column names from each drop-down list to match the data in your import file.
  • The row that is in red is assumed to be a header row from your file. If it actually represents patient data, uncheck the check box marked “My File Has A Header Row“.
  • Click Proceed With Import.
3.2- patient importing select headings

Step 3: Verify Column Assignments For Your Data


 When a patient is created, imported or booked for an upcoming appointment, he or she is associated first with the office that the admin staff or practitioner is logged into.