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3.4 Associating Patients with Multiple Clinics

Instructions on how to access a Patient’s Workspace from a different clinic that a Practitioner is associated with. This is useful if you practice at more than one clinic or have several clinic locations as you will not have to change the office you are currently logged into every time you wish to view a Patient’s Workspace.

  1. Login to your Practitioner Portal
  2. Go to the Master Patient List
  3. Search for the Patient you wish to be accessible from a different clinic location
  4. Look at the right-hand column that is titled “Office Association” – any office name that the patient is associated with will appear green and any that is not associated with appears grey.
  5. To associate a patient to another office, simply click on the office name and it will turn green. That office will then have that Patient Workspace available in the Master Patient List.
  6. If you wish to de-associate a Patient from an office, click on the office name, and it will turn grey meaning the Patient is no longer associated with that office and will not appear in the Master Patient List.
office association

Associating a Patient with Multiple Clinics