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3.6 Patient Notes

Patient notes are created to give practitioners and staff  a way of recording various information about a patient. Patient notes can vary from General Notes to Emergency Notes. Creating specific notes for each patient makes it easier for everyone to know as much as possible about the patient to prepare for their arrival to the clinic. Patient notes can be created and viewed by both practitioners and admin staff.

Using Patient Notes

  • Select Patients.
  • Select the Person Icon beside the patient’s name who you want to create a note for. 
  • In Patient Work Space, select Notes.
3.5 Admin In Patient Notes

Step 1: Patient Work Space


Creating A Note

  • Type a note into the box “Patient Work Space Notes
  • Click Save.
  • The new note will appear directly below the Patient Work Space Notes box.
  • Notes are displayed in reverse chronological order. (most recent note will appear at the top)
3.5 Admin Creating Patient Notes before label

Step 2: Create A Note


Setting Note Permissions

Permissions settings allow the author of the note to specify with whom they want to share the note.  Selecting the “Only Me” permission keeps the note private, and only the author can see it.  “Me & Admin” allows the author and all admin staff related to the patient to see the note.  “Me & Practitioners” allow the author and all practitioners related to the patient to see the note.  Everyone shares the note will all admin and practitioners related to the patient

Adding A Label To Note

Most recent notes will appear on the top of patients notes.  After creating a note, the user can assign a Smart Label to the note. Smart Labels will connect notes to various other sections in SmartND.

  • Click Add Label.
  • Select type of label from the drop down, as well as another patient if you believe this note applies to someone else as well.


3.5 Admin showing lots of notes

Step 3: Assigning A Label


About System Labels:

See below where the notes will appear once a label is chosen.

3.5 Patient Notes labels

Step 3: Where Notes Will Appear In Patient Work Space.


In the example image below, the note labeled Workspace is appearing in the Patients Workspace as a Red Exclamation Mark under the patients name.


3.5 note alert in patient workspace

Step 3: Alert Appearing In Patient Work Space.


Click on the Red Exclamation Mark icon and the alert description will appear below.


3.5 note alert appearing

Step 3: Viewing alerts.