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3.7 How to Unlink a Patient

This function can always be reversed, a patient is never completely deleted they will just not appear in your Master Patient List of active patients but rather the tab called “Unlinked Patients” also found in the Master Patient List. 

  1. Go to the Master Patient list in the left-hand Main Navigation Bar
  2. In the Tab “Your Patients” search for the patient you wish to “Unlink”.
  3. In the left-hand column beside the Patient Name, hover over the 4th icon that resembles a broken chain. It will say “Remove Link between yourself and this patient in all offices” Click on this icon.
  4. It will now be removed, to verify the “Unlink” of this patient, refresh the page and go to the second tab “Unlinked Patients” to see whether the patient name appears.

If at anytime you wish to Link the Patient back to your account, you simply go to “Unlinked Patients” and click on the only icon beside the name which resembles a linked chain. Refresh the page and the Patient Name will appear once again in your Master Patient List.