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4.1 Patient Documents and Attachments.

When admin is logged into an office, they can manage certain parts of a “Patients Work Space”. But they cannot upload documents unless they are masked as a practitioner. Once they are masked as a practitioner, they can upload Documents for any patient listed with that practitioner. These Documents uploaded will only be accessible to that practitioner, even if that patient is associated with more than one practitioner in that office.

When that practitioner logs into their SmartND account, they will see this new file uploaded to their patient’s Documents by Admin Staff.

Below are the instructions on how to mask yourself as a practitioner and upload documents to a patient.


Step 1: Uploading Documents To Patient Work Space.

  • While logged in as admin, select “View the page as the following user” From the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Select a Practitioner from the list for whom you are uploading documents. This is called “masking” yourself as a practitioner.
  • Select Patients from the left-hand navigation bar.
  • This will open the Master Patient List associated with the practitioner the admin is masked as.
  • Select the Green Person Icon beside a patients name. This will open the patient’s Work Space.
  • Select Documents.
  • Drag & Drop or Click to Upload a file.


3.4 Admin masked as Practitioner in patient Documents

Step 1: Patient Work Space Uploading Documents.


  • The new file being uploaded will now be visible in the Patient’s Work Space under Documents.
  • The patient will also be able to see this file now in their Patient Portal (See Help File 5.1)


3.4 Admin masked as Practitioner uploaded document to patient file

Step 1: Patient Work Space Documents Uploaded.