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4.2 Practitioner Documents and Handouts

Practitioners can upload and share files between other practitioners, admin staff and patients. When creating a new chart, or editing an existing chart for a patient, practitioners have the option of uploading any Documents or Hangouts associated with that patient. Another way practitioners can upload Documents and Handouts, is through a Patient’s Work Space, either when the patients profile is first being created, or being revisited.

Step 1: Uploading Documents To Patient Charts

  • Select SMART Charts from the left hand side navigation bar.
  • Click Select a Patient. Start typing the patients name to choose from your patient list.
  • Select the patient from the list and click Create New SOAP Chart.
4.1 select patient for new chart

Step 1: Creating a New Chart.

  • Select Type & Date of Visit and choose from drop down of events available.
  • Save Changes.
4.1 Creating New Chart.

Step 1: Select Type & date of Visit

For now skip filling out the rest of the chart and focus on the Attachments section.

  • Select Attachments from the far right.
  • Drop files to Upload or Click to Upload any documents you have for this patient that you want to be in their file.
  • This document will now be available to view from this chart, as well as their Patient Work Space by the practitioner who uploaded the document, or by admin Staff Masked as this specific practitioner. The chart can also be shared between practitioners working in the same office, with the patient’s consent.
4.2 Practitioner chart... upload attachmetns.

Step 1: Drop Files to Upload or Click to Upload


Step 2: Uploading Documents to Patient Work Space.

  • Login as a practitioner.
  • Select Patients on the left hand side navigation bar.
  • This will open the Master Patient List.
  • Search the name of the patient on the right hand side. This will narrow the list down.
  • Select the Green Person Icon beside a patients name. This opens up that patients Work Space.
  • Select Documents.
  • Drag & Drop or Click to Upload a file.


All files previously uploaded through charting with this patient will show up here as well.


4.1 Patient Work Space upload documents

Step 2: Upload Documents Through Patient Work Space