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5.1 Creating Forms

Forms are a great way to send & receive information between practitioners working within an office, as well as between practitioners and patients. Once a form is created by a practitioner, or a admin masked as a practitioner, the form can be shared to all practitioners working in that office, as well any patient with a Patient Portal. When a form is shared with an office, each practitioner can choose to, or choose not to import that form into their personal forms. Once the form is imported, it can be edited to that practitioners specific needs and re saved before using.

Step 1: Creating Forms.

  • Select Forms & Questionnaires from the left hand main navigation bar.
  • Select Create New Form at the top left.
  • Enter in from Name & Description.


4.4 forms & questionnaire practitioner

Step 1: Select Create New Forms


4.4 forms & questionnaire create new form practitioner

Step 1: Enter Name & Description.


Step 2: BuildĀ Form.

  • Select which element you want in your form. You can click to apply, or drag it below.
  • You can add as questions as you want, as well as multiple types of questions. E.g Single Line Text and Radio Buttons within the same form.


4.4 forms & questionnaire blue box

Step 2: Select A Question Element.


Step 3: Creating the question.

  • Once you select a element for a new question, enter in the question and check off if it is Required or not.
4.4 forms & questionnaire question example

Step 3: Create Question.


Step 4: Save Form.

  • Once you have created all the questions you want, scroll back up to the top of the page and click Save Form.
  • Click Return To Forms List to get back to the main forms page.


4.4 forms & questionnaire blue box

Step 4: Save & Return To Form List.