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4.5 How to Share Documents such as Lab Work with Patients

These instructions are to share a document that is currently in the patients workspace so it will be accessible when the patient logs into their portal account.

1) Go to your Master Patient List and search for the patient you wish to send documents to

2) Once their Patient Workspace is open click on the new blue icon at the top right-hand corner to access their documents

3) Click on the row of the document to highlight/select the document (the row will turn orange once selected)

4) Once highlighted, you will see a new icon appear at the top right beside the red “Exit” button on the left called “Assign Labels” Click on this

5) Once the drop-down opens, go to the column called “Patient Shares” and the patient’s name will be visible with a checkbox, click on the box to check it off and click on “Apply Labels”

Note: If the document is in your own documents section and not in a patient’s workspace then you would follow the same steps, but rather than going to their patient workspace you would go to your documents and type in their name in the field for “Patient Shares” and choose from the drop-down.