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4.6 How to Share Documents with a Practitioner working In the Same Clinic

These instructions are to share documents with a practitioner working in the same clinic/ connected to the same clinic as you. This is useful as you can now share documents such as patients previous labworks, scans etc that were previously added by you – to make it much easier for practitioners who are working in the same clinic and seeing the same patients.

  1. Go to the documents page, you can access documents at any time by clicking the new blue documents icon on the top right-hand corner of the page. Either search for a patient that has a documents you would like to share or just search for the document itself within your own documents. The search fields are in the left-hand side of the page by either entering a patient name in the field “Patient Workspace” or a document name in “Search Term”.
  2. Once the document is found, click on the row of the document to highlight/select the document (the row will turn orange once selected)
  3. Once highlighted, you will see a new icon appear at the top right beside the red “Exit” button on the left called “Assign Labels” Click on this
  4. Once the drop-down opens, go to the column called “Practitioner Share” and search for a practitioner from the drop-down field “Select Practitioner” and click “Apply Labels” This document will now be visible to the practitioner.

Note: You can choose multiple documents at once to share by highlighting/selecting a document row and pressing “CTRL” on your keyboard and selecting multiple files then clicking the “Apply Labels” button on the top.