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5.2 Sharing & Importing Forms

Forms are a great way to send & receive information between practitioners working within an office, as well as between practitioners and patients. Once a form is created by a practitioner, or a admin masked as a practitioner, the form can be shared to all practitioners working in that office, as well any patient with a Patient Portal. When a form is shared with an office, each practitioner can choose to, or choose not to import that form into their personal forms. Once the form is imported, it can be edited to that practitioners specific needs and re saved before using.


5.2.1 Sharing Forms

  • Select Forms & Questionnaires.
  • Below will be a list of any forms created by this specific practitioner. Choose the intake for to share and select the share icon listed under actions.


5.2 Practitioner intake form

Step 1: Share Forms


  • A window will open, informing the practitioner that any forms shared can not be undone.
  • Select Share.


5.2 Practitioner sharing intake form with office

5.2.1 Share With Office.


Once a form is shared, any practitioner working within that office will be able to import, edit, save & share.


5.2.2 Importing Forms

  • Select Forms & Questionnaires.
  • Under Your Forms & Questionnaires, select Import A Shared Form.


5.2 Practitioner intake form

5.2.2 Import Shared Forms



  • Forms that are imported will be listed under “Internal Office Shared Forms
  • Under Actions beside each form, select the eye icon to Preview & Print the form. Or select the paper icon to import the form.
  • Select the Paper Icon for Importing.


5.2 P to P  receiving intake form

5.2.2 Importing Forms.


  • Select Import Form.


5.2 Practitioner imports form

5.2.2 Select Import.


5.2.3 Personalizing A Form

Once imported, practitioners can edit, copy/import, share, print & send to patient.


5.2  Success Importing a form

5.2.3 Personalizing A Form