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6.2 Welcome To The Patient Portal.

Welcome To The Patient Portal

Make sure you have created your account correctly using the email you have given your practitioner (See Help Guide 5.1) for account set up and login steps.

  • Login to your Patient Portal.

Welcome To The Patient Portal will be the first page you see. If you have any pending appointments, even with multiple practitioners, they will be listed under the heading “Your Upcoming Appointments”


5.1 patient portal

 Keep Track Of Your Pending Appointments.

  • Under “Your Upcoming Appointments” select an appointment by clicking on the Green Icon beside the Practitioners name.

This will open a page showing all of the information for that specific appointment.


5.2 patient portal appointment view

Filling out Questionnaires/Intake forms

  • To access any questionnaires/intake forms that your practitioner has sent you, click on the icon in the left-hand main navigation bar that resembles a checkmark in a box.

5.1 forms in patient portal

  •  To fill out the form, click on the first icon in the Actions column on the right-hand side of the page.


Patient Treatment Workspace

  • The Treatment Workspace can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the left-hand main navigation bar that resembles a leaf.
  • In your Treatment Workspace, you will be able to see any treatment plans your practitioner has created for you, any handouts as well as prescriptions.

6.4 Patient Treatment Plan Workspace