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5.4 Viewing Forms and Importing Submitted Forms Into a Smart Chart

Forms created by practitioners can be shared with patients through Patient Portal. Patients can log into their Patient Portal to complete and submit the form. Once the practitioner receives the completed form, it will be appear in the patient’s Patient Workspace under Forms & Questionnaires, As well as in charts under Patient Summary.  From Patient Summary, forms can be copied to Free Form Subjective in charts.

5.4.1 Reviewing Form Submissions

  • Select Forms & Questionnaires. 
  • Select a Form to review patient submissions.
5.4 practitioner forms & questionnaires

Step 1: Select Forms & Questionnaires. Select A Form To Review.


  • Click on the Patient Workspace icon beside the patient name who completed the form.
  • Select Forms & Questionnaires in the Patient’s Workspace.
  • Select the Completed Form.


5.4 practitioner forms & questionnaires see who submitted

Review Patient Submissions


5.4.2 Importing Submitted Forms Into a Smart Chart

  • Once in a patient’s chart, select Patient Summary.
  • Under Intake Forms, select a form.
  • In the drop down, select Copy All Answers To Free Form Subjective. Or Select individual answer to copy, by clicking on the arrow to the left of each answer.


5.4 copy form into subjctive.

Copy Form Into Free From Subjective.



Once the form is copied over to Free Form Subjective, it will appear like this.


5.4 patient summary intake form sent to Subjecting free form

Intake Form Copied Into Free Form Subjective.