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6.4 Patient Treatment Workspace

Patients can login to their Patient Portal to review information about a previous visit by selecting “Treatment Workspace

Step 1: Treatment Workspace

6.4.1 Patient Treatment Plans

  • Login to Patient Portal.
  • Select Treatment Workspace.
  • Under Visit Type, Select the arrow icon beside a visit type.

This will open the Treatment Plan from that specific visit.

6.4 Patient Treatment Plan Workspace

Treatment Workspace

6.4.2 All Prescriptions

  • Select All Prescriptions, to view all past prescriptions.
6.4 Patient Treatment Plan Workspace Prescriptions

All Prescriptions


 6.4.3 Handouts

  • Select Handouts, to view all handouts sent from the practitioner.

To view the handout, click on the box with arrow icon beside the file name. Or to download the file, select the down arrow icon.

6.4 Patient Treatment Plan Workspace Handouts