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7.1 What are Smart Templates?

Smart Templates are micro templates that you can use like building blocks of your SOAP Charts. The idea behind Smart Templates is to create small very specific templates to combine and create a SOAP Chart. Creating a Smart Template for your various types of visits can help speed up your charting process, and help you remember all the questions you want to ask your patient. You can also pre-fill all the fields in the Smart Template: For example, if you have a lot of patients who come to you for acupuncture, you can build an acupuncture template which contains all the fields and information you want to have available during your visit.

The best way to use templates is as building blocks. For example, set up a simple template for acupuncture, and then one for fertility patients.

If you get a patient for fertility who also needs acupuncture, you can add both the fertility template and the acupuncture template into your chart, and have all the necessary fields available. If you’re missing any fields, you can also add those right into your chart during the visit.

You can also build just a treatment plan in the Plan Tab, and insert that plan as necessary. For example, you can build a template with a hypertension treatment plan (e.g. add supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations, etc.) and easily add that to any existing chart when needed.


SmartND provides sample templates that cannot be directly edited, but can be added into new templates and saved.  Create a new template first, then add in the locked template in order to save it as your own.

7.1 What are Templates