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7.7 Recover Unassigned SmartLists

During our recent update to SmartND in December 2015, some accounts experienced a connection error with previously saved SmartLists. We are currently working on recovering this information for each account. Until we are able to do so, we have created a temporary solution for accounts that urgently need this information.

We have provided each account with a section in SmartND that contains a list of all previously saved SmartLists from the S and O sections. Each account holder can copy & paste these SmartList items into a chart under the proper heading, and re-save them as a SmartList.

We are very sorry for the extra time this will take you. In the future, we will not be changing the smart list system so drastically.

Step 1: Open Unassigned SmartList Items

  • Select ‘Templates‘ from the left-hand side main navigation bar.
  • While in ‘Templates’, select ‘Unassigned SmartLists

This will open a list of any SmartLists Item that were previously created before the update in December. These SmartLists can be copy and pasted into a chart, and saved as a SmartList.


Unassigned SmartList Items.

Step 1: Unassigned Smartlists


Step 2: Reassign SmartLists.

  • Copy the SmartList item from the ‘Unassigned SmartList‘ tab.
  • Open a new SmartND tab, and select ‘Smart Charts
  • Create a new chart or open a previous chart.
  • From S or O, select the section and choose the heading that SmartList item applies to.
  • Paste the SmartList items back into the ‘Notes‘ section.
  • Highlight the text, and select the ‘+S‘ icon to save that information as a SmartList.


Reassign SmartList

Reassign SmartList Items


Thank  you very much for your patience!