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10.1 Sharing Charts between Practitioners

Practitioners can share patient‘s charts with other practitioners who work within the same office. Chart sharing allows for practitioners to view shared patient charts, but does not allow the chart to be edited.


Step 1: Open Smart Charts

  • On the left-hand side navigation bar, select ‘Smart Charts‘ 
  • Search a patient’s name, if needed.
7.8 Sharing Smart Charts

Sharing Charts Between Practitioners

  • Choose a specific chart to share. Select the ‘sharing preference icon under ‘Actions
  • Select from the “Share” drop down, one of the options to share, this specific chart, all of this patients charts, or all of your charts.
  • Select which practitioner is receiving the information.
  • Check ‘Yes‘ to the patient consent.
  • Select ‘Share Chart
7.8 Select Which Charts To Share

Sharing Prefence


The practitioner can now find the shared charts within the ‘Charts Shared With You’, located on the Smart Charts page.


7.8 Charts Shared with you

Charts Shared With You