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8.3 Adding a Product to your Dispensary

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After setting up Tax Rates & Tax Groups, the next step is applying Tax Groups to products/services.

Step 1: Importing a product

  • Select ‘Billing & Dispensary’ from the left-hand side main navigation¬†bar.
  • While in Billing & Dispensary, find ‘Products’ listed below and to the right of the SmartND logo.
  • Select ‘Product’
  • Select ‘Product List’ from the ‘Products’ drop-down menu.
Step 4 - Products

Step 1: Select Products

  • Scroll down to the top green box titled ‘Import Product From SmartND Product Library’
  • Type in the name of the product.
  • Select ‘Search Product Library’
Step 4 - Products- create new

Search Product to Import

  • A list will appear below of products available to import.
  • Under ‘Actions’ Select ‘Import’ of the product that you want to import to your product library.
Step 4 - Products- Search Product Library

Import Product From SmartND Product List


This will add the product below to your ‘Product List’

Step 4 - Product List

Product List


Step 2: Create a New Product

  • Go to ‘Products List’
  • On the left-hand side select the + icon to ‘Add New’ product.

Step 2: Create a New Product



Fill out all of the required product information.

  • Right now, you can enter the product ICD 10 code into the product name.
  • Fill out the ‘Cost’ & ‘Price’
  • Select the Tax Group you want to apply to this product.
  • Make sure you set the ‘Quantity’ to 1 or higher depending on what you set for ‘Minimum Quantity’ If the ‘Quantity’ is set to less than the ‘Minimum Quantity’, this will not allow the product to be added to an order,
  • Set the Date Available accordingly. If the date is set later than an order date, the product will not show up available for an order.
  • Set status to ‘Enabled’
  • Select ‘default’ for the store setting.
  • Scroll up to the top right and select ‘Save’