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8.4 Setting Up Products In The Dispensary

After the tax rates and tax groups are set up, the next step is saving products to the dispensary. Products can be added to the dispensary by importing from the SmartND product list, or by adding a new product.

Step 1: Import Product From SmartND Product Library

  • Select Billing & Dispensary from the left-hand side main navigation bar.
  • While in Billing & Dispensary, find Products listed below and to the right of the SmartND logo.
  •  Select Products List from the Products drop-down list.
8.4 Product List 1

Product List

  • This will open the list of products that can be imported from the SmartND library
  • The search record list can be set to 10, 25, 50 or 100.
8.4 Product List 2- Import from SmartND library

SmartND Product Library


  • Products can be searched by typing in a product name into the Search By Supplement Only field.
  • Type in the product name and select the Search Product Library button on the left hand of the first green box.
8.4 Product List 2- Search Product To Import

Search For A Product From The SmartND Product Library.

  • To import the product into your SmartND dispensary, select the green Import button listed under Actions.
8.4 Product List 3- product imported

Product Imported


Step 2: Edit The Imported Product

  • The product that was imported will not be listed in the Product List. To edit this imported product, select the pencil Icon listed on the right-hand side under Actions,
8.4 Product List 4- edit product imported

Edit Imported Product

8.4 Product List 4- edit product imported 2

Edit Product Imported.

Each product can be edited to specifically fit your dispensary.

  • Products imported do not have a tax group set.
  • If the Quantity is not 1 or greater, the product cannot be added to an order.
  • Make sure that the Date Available is set correctly. If the date is set to a future date then the date of an order, the product will not be available to add to the order.
  • Select Save from the top-left of the page.


Step 3: Create A New Product

  • While still in the Products List, Scroll down below the two green boxes for importing a product and searching a product. Below these boxes will be the Product List.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, select the + icon listed just above the Actions column, to add a new product.
8.4 Product List Add New Product

Edit The New Product

8.4 Product List Add New Product2

Edit The New Product