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8.5 How to Apply a Discount to an Invoice

Instructions on how to add a discount to a product/service in an invoice.

  1. Go to Billing and Dispensary in the left-hand main navigation bar, it is the icon that resembles a shopping cart.
  2. At the top of the page, click on the tab “Invoices”
  3. Open an existing Invoice or create a new Invoice
  4. Scroll down to the section “Add Products and Services”
  5. In this section, choose a product or service by entering the name into the “Select a Product” field on the left-hand side, enter the quantity in the second box beside it and click the blue “Add Product” button
  6. Once the product is added, click on the blue link in the “Discount” column. This will open a drop-down with any previously created discounts. Choose the one you wish to apply to the product.

* Keep in mind, this discount will not apply to the entire invoice but rather whatever product/service you apply the discount to.