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8.6 How to Create a New Invoice

Instructions on how to create a brand new invoice in the Dispensary.

Step 1: Adding Products and Services to your Dispensary

If you have not already added products and services to your Dispensary, please do so first. A help file with instructions can be found here: https://www.smartnd.ca/blog/8-3-adding-a-product-to-your-dispensary/

Step 2: Setting up Tax Rates and Tax Groups in your Dispensary

If you have not already set up Tax Rates and Tax Groups in your dispensary, please do so first. A help file with instructions can be found here: https://www.smartnd.ca/blog/8-2-setting-up-dispensary-tax-rates-and-tax-groups/

Creating an Invoice

  1. Go to Billing and Dispensary in the left-hand main navigation bar, it is the icon that resembles a shopping cart.
  2. At the top of the page, click on the tab “Invoices”
  3. Scroll down to the section called “Invoice List” and on the right-hand side click the “+” icon to Add a New Invoice.
  4. At first, the Invoice # will be 0. The number will generate once the invoice is created and saved.
  5. Any fields that have a red asterisk need to be filled out to be able to save the invoice.
  6. If the patient the invoice is for is already in the system, click on the green “+ Patient List” button which open a pop up to search for the name in your Master Patient List. If the patient does not already exist in the patient list, then enter in their First and Last Name in the Contact Info field.
  7. In the second field boxes called “Billing Address”, you can automatically populate the information for an existing patient by clicking the green “+ Copy from Patient Record” button. If the Patient is brand new or does not have this information saved in their Patient Workspace, you can fill out the fields and click “Save to Customer’s Address Book” to save to the Patient Workspace.
  8. Scroll down to “Add Products and Services”. Here you will be adding the products and services that the patient needs to be billed for.
  9. In this section, choose a product or service by entering the name into the “Select a Product” field on the left-hand side, enter the quantity in the second box beside it and click the blue “Add Product” button
  10. Once the product has been added to the invoice, choose which tax group applies by clicking on the drop-down from the column “Tax Group”.
  11. If a product or service needs to be removed from the invoice, click on the red icon at the end of the product/service row on the right-hand side.
  12. Scroll down to the section “Payment History” and click on the blue button called “ + Add additional Payment Method”. Choose from the drop-down menu which type of method was used to pay for the invoice. If there was multiple payment methods i.e: Cash and Amex then simply click on the blue “+Add additional Payment Method” to add more payment types.
  13. In the column “Amount” enter in the amount that was paid, if multiple payments enter in what amount was paid by each type.
  14. Choose the date the payment was made.
  15. Then, change the Payment Status from the drop-down menu such as: Completed, pending, etc.
  16. Then click the blue Save button on the bottom right corner. Your invoice will now appear in the Invoice List.