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9.1 Calendar Features

The calendar is listed on the grey vertical navigation bar, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen below the SmartND logo. The calendar can be changed and added to by a practitioner or admin staff.

Step 1: Practitioner Setting Up The Calendar Settings.

  • The calendar will show all of the practitioners working within the clinic. Each practitioner can set his/her own colour to appear on the calendar.

Practitioner colours are an office-wide setting. Please keep this in mind when adding or changing practitioner colours.

  • Setting the event colours¬†preferences, displays the events to show as practitioner colours or event colours.
  • Setting the snap duration sets the time duration each appointment can increase or decrease by.
  • Event drag & drop actions allow for an appointments to be moved, copied or copied with a pending status.
calendar features

Practitioner Calendar View



When an admin staff is viewing the calendar, he/she can changes these setting as well. If the admin is masked as a practitioner, any changes made to the settings of the calendar will not be saved. *see image below*


Calendar- Admin masked as a practitioner

Admin Masked As A Practitioner