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9.2 Booking An Appointment

The calendar is listed on the grey vertical navigation bar, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen below the SmartND logo.

Step 1: Understanding The Different Calendar Views.

When the calendar is opened the default view is week view. The other views available are day view, list view, month view and timeline view.

Calendar- Week View

Calendar Week View


All views of the calendar except month view and list view can book an appointment with a start and end time. Currently, when an appointment is made in month view or list view a start and end time cannot be selected, and an all-day event will be created.  Creating an appointment in month view works well for blocking off full days from online booking for events such as vacations of office closed.


Step 1: Creating An Appointment.

  • Select the time during the day that the appointment is scheduled for.
  • When the appointment window opens, double check at the top that the proper time is selected. To change the time of the appointment, select the Calendar icons beside the date.
  • Select the type of visit.
  • Select the patient.
  • Select a room if needed.
  • Select save to finish creating the appointment.
Calendar- Creating an appointment

Creating An Appointment

If an event type is not already saved into the account, you can select +Add to add a new event type. Creating a new event type through the calendar will save the event to the practitioners list of visit and event types.

Calendar- create a new event type

Create New Event Type.

If a new patient is booking an appointment and is not already saved in the system, the admin staff or practitioner can select +Add from the calendar appointment to save the patient or create a new patient profile. The new patient will be saved directly into the master patient list.

Calendar- Create a new patient

Create A New Patient Profile


Step 1: Sending a Confirmation Email.

Once the appointment is created, you can select the appointment to send confirmation. Selecting envelope icon at the bottom of the appointment page will send a confirmation email to the patient within minutes.

This is an extra step to ensure that the practitioner or admin staff has selected the right date/time before the confirmation email is sent to the patient.

Calendar- Send Confirmation

Send Confirmation Email.

When an appointment in the calendar is re-opened, the practitioner can also create a new SOAP chart for the patient by selecting the create new SOAP chart icon located beside the send confirmation icon.