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9.3 How to Connect SmartND Calendar with Google Calendar.

Please be login to the Google Calendar you want SmartND Calendar to connect with.

Step 1: Add Connect SmartND Calendar to Google Calendar.

  • Select My Profile under your name in the top right.
  • Select Remote Services
2.  select remote services.

Select Remote Services


  • Once in Remote Services, select the Green “+” under Actions.


3. Select + account add

Select Add Account



  • Once the Green + is selected, a Google window will open. Select “Allow”


Google Ok

Select Allow to Terms of Service


Once “Allowed” is selected, the Green + will now be a Red X.

5. account confirmation red

Select Red X to Disconnect SmartND Calendar from Google Calendar.


Once this is complete, go to your google calendars to make sure you see SmartND listed. To confirm that the connection worked, try making a new appointment in your SmartND calendar to see if it appears in your Google Calendar.

Google will only display appointments from SmartND Calendar after connecting. To see previous appointments appear in Google Calendar, re save the appointments in your SmartND Calendar, and they will appear in your Google Calendar.