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Completed: Update #1 Features and Fixes

  • Manual Calendar:

    The manual calendar is the first stage of our full featured calendar. Add event types, duration, pricing, and move events around easily. The next stage will include office admin access, mutiple calendar views, and online booking.

  • File Uploads Stage 1:

    Upload files and attach them to patient charts, or save them to your practitioner profile. You can now upload your exported files from other EMR’s for analysis by our programmers. We will begin designing import tools to bring that data into SmartND.

  • Chart Printing Stage 1:

    You can now print your full chart, or just the Patient Treatment Plan. The first stage include simple print functionality, however in later updates you will have the ability to upload your a chart header and footer to personalize your printouts.

  • Add New Suplements:

    If there is a supplement you want to use for a patient that is not in our default supplement library, you now have the ability to add it to the list. Your new supplement will include all the tracking and statistics features (when they become available).

  • Bug Fixes:

    Reported bugs in the Todo List have been fixed. Spelling errors in the subjective chart have been corrected.