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Completed: Update #2A Features and Fixes

We have elected to split up the 2nd update into 2 parts, A and B. Update 2A is available right now, with update 2B being released next week. We have had several comments over the past week of a few bugs and requests, and want to solve those first before proceeding with the large office module update. the following list is what we have for you this week. Be sure to check out the new videos on all these features.

  • Calendar Update:

    The calendar has been further refined to allow you to view your upcoming events on any page. Just click the sidebar icon at the top right of every screen to see the Upcoming Events sidebar. You can also press CTRL+1 on your keyboard to access the sidebar on any page. Any changes you make to the main calendar will instantly be updated in the sidebar.

  • View and Print Charts Fix:

    A problem with viewing previous or locked charts has been fixed. You can now view and print even locked charts and treatment plans form the patients page and the patients profile page.

  • Previous Charts Available in current SOAP:

    A listing on previous charts for the current patient is now available in the “Previous Charts” tab of every SOAP chart. You can click to review previous charts during a patient visit.

  • SOAP Margin Notes:

    A user feature request we were able to work into this update – You now have MArgin Notes available with every chart. They are in the sidebar, which you can access by clicking the top-right sidebar icon or by pressing CTRL+1 on your keyboard.

  • Credentials and License Number:

    You now are able to enter your credentials / suffixes (e.g. MsC, Nd, phD, etc) that you want to follow you name on all printouts. You can also enter your license number which will appear on all printouts as well. These fields are avaialbe in your profle screen, accessible from the top right user menu.

  • SmartND Navigator:

    The SmartND Navigator is accessible while you are charting, and can help you quickly jump from one field to another. This is especially useful when you have a very large chart and was to cross-reference information from various parts of the chart. The navigator is accessible by pressing CTRL-F on your keyboard, while you are in a patient chart.