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Completed: Update #2B and #3A Features and Fixes

This update focuses on the office module. Over the last few weeks, we have been in discussion with many of you about the features you are looking for in an Office Management tool. As a result, we have expanded some of our features and today’s update brings us one step closer to the SmartND that you are all looking for. Be sure to check out the new videos on all these features.

  • Office Module:

    The office module is one of our largest updates so far. It links together the office admins, practitioners, and clinic owners. The office module man8ages patient chart permissions, scheduling, multiple locations, etc. See the ‘Intro To SmartND Offices’ video to learn more.

  • Calendar Update:

    The Calendar has been updated to function with the new Office Module.

  • Admin Accounts:

    You can now invite Office Admins to join your office.

  • Multiple Offices and Practitioners

    You can now have multiple practitioners in your clinic, adn have multiple locations for your clinic.

  • Bug Fixes:

    Fixed some issues with acupuncture protocols, injection protocols, and locking charts.