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Major Update To Intake Form Builder! (Newsletter Release)

Major Update To Intake Form Builder! (Newsletter Release)

Updated Intake Questionnaire:

  • We’ve updated our intake form builder to make it easier for you to create intake forms.  We’ve also added some sample intake forms that you can use or copy and modify.  These will be available on all accounts as of August 10th (or earlier).  Click the Import Form button to get access to these forms.

Intake Form Answers Available in SOAP and Workspace:

  • When your patients submit intake forms, the answers will now be available in all your SOAP charts and the Patient Workspace.  In the SOAP chart, you can easily copy all the answers into your charts.

Patient Portal:

  • The Patient Portal has been updated to include treatment plans and handouts.  You can now share your files from Circles with all your patients.  Treatment Plans and Handouts are immediately accessible to patients, there is nothing to do on your end.

Automated Reminders:

  • Automated appointment reminders have been added to SmartND – you can set them in your visit and event types section.  Patients will be automatically sent e-mail reminders at the intervals that you specify.

Please note that the “Report Bug” feature does not always give us the author of the bug report, so although we get every bug report, we often cannot reply to the author.  If you have not received a reply from us within a day of filing a bug report, please contact us at info@smartnd.ca

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