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Public Beta Released!

Today marks the end of our Private Beta Testing phase. SmartND is now in Public Beta. This means that anyone can now sign up for Free SmartND accounts, and paid Subscriptions will begin today.

The Deadline to get the Beta Tester Promotion for SmartND is April 1st, 2015. Just click on the Subscriptions tab in the left menubar and follow the instructions to get the promotional account. They will be discontinued as of April 1st, after which our Public Beta promo will begin.

A lot of changes have been made to the SmartND software over the last 2 months. We are still going strong and getting to all of your feature suggestions and bug fixes.

The even NEWER IV Therapy module :) has now been switched over to volumetric recipies instead of percentage-based recipes. This module is a great example of wny we want your input. We originally developed this module to save reciped based on the percentage of each ingredient – however based on your feedback, we switched this to be Volume based. We appreciate the feedback, hope this module now works better for you all.

ONLINE BOOKING IS HERE!Phase 1 of online booking is now availalbe. You can select which events you want to allow for online booking, and also attach PDF intake forms to your events. When patients book visits with you online, they will automatically get the intake forms in their e-mail. Phase 2 of online booking will include e-mail verification to reduce booking errors, and online intake forms.

Interface Design Changes: We have updated some of the design elements of the interface and made a few improvements across the board.

Sortable SOAP Sections: Sections in the Assessment and Plan tabs are now sortable. You can simply drag one section and reposition it within your chart. Section groups will stay together, so that your chart is not disjointed. So, for example, if you have 3 supplement sections at the bottom of your plan section, dragging one of those sections to the top will bring the entire supplements group with it. This will help to keep your charts organized.

Calendar Views: We have removed the monthly calendar view because it was not very infomative. Instead we focused on the day and week views, and we added a “List” view which summarizes your day’s events.

Account Setup Items:We have now implements a quick list of account setup items that will warn you if your accont is not properly setup. These items are important to ensure that information is displayed correctly in SmartND

Statistics (test): We have omplemented some basic statistics for testing purposes. As we progress more statistics wil become available.

Freeform Fields in SOAP Charting: Freeform fields have been added to the SOAP chart pages. This allows you to dive right in to charting without having to setup any sections. You can then use the auto-sort feature to move information into the appropriate fields when you are finishing your chart. You could also just leave the information in the Freeform fields, although for statistical purposes, we would recommend that you use the autosort feature to organize the data. Your printouts will also look a lot better.

Duplicate SOAP Section Button: We have added a Duplicate Section button for all relevant sections in the SOAP charts. It’s the circular ‘plus’ button at the top right of every section. clicking this button will immediately add a duplicate section to your chart. This is really helpful if you want to quickly add a bunch of Chief Concerns or Review Of Systems, etc.

Insert Previous Diagnoses:A new ‘Insert Previous Diagnoses” button is now available in the Assessment tab of the SOAP charts. This button will lod up a list of all the previous assessments for the current patient, and allow you to add individual or groups of assessments into the current chart.

Office Admin access to Practitioner Accounts: We have currently implemented a test feature which will allow Office Admins and Receptionists to access their Practitioner’s accounts in order to print treatment plans for patients or upload files directly into practitioner accounts. This is a test feature which will continue to be developed and refined to meet your needs.

Office Admin access tp individual Practitioner Calendars: Office Admins can now select individual practitioners from a list to view their calendar specifically, instead of a merged calendar of all practitioners. The Calendar module will be getting an overhaul in the following weeks to accomodate of lot of your other requests.

Bug Fixes: We’ve taken care of a number of reported bug with this update, and are still working down the list. Please keep sending us details of any issues you have with the software so that we can address them quickly. Thank you all for your help so far!