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Update 4: Bug Fix Update – Online Seminars – Pricing

This first update of 2015 focuses on fixing all the bugs that have been reported by our users. We’re about 75% through the list. Be sure to check out the new videos

  • Bug Fixes:

    We’ve been workign on fixing issues that you have brought to our attention. Keep e-mail us as you come across further bugs in the program, and we’ll add it to our list and keep working on them.

  • Delete Patient:

    We’ve added a temporary function, delete patient, which will allow you to start cleaning up your patient lists. A few of you have been creating test patients or duplicate patients in an effort to test out the system. The delete patient button, available at the bottom of every patient profile page, will allow you to clear out these test or duplicate patients from your lists.

  • Calendar:

    We have changed the calendar resolution to 5 min intervals instead of the original 15 min intervals.

  • Online Seminars:

    We have scheduled some online seminars over the next several weeks – Please check our Newsletter for information on how to join, and our seminar schedule.

  • Pricing:

    Pricing for SmartND has been determined. Please see our pricing table for more information (one of the tabs on the left).