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What Are SmartLists?

SmartLists are basically all of the custom lists and notes that you create in SmartND.  You can create SmartLists throughout the software, however most of the time, SmartLists are created in the SOAP charts.  There are a few different kinds of smart lists:

  1. Snippets: Snippets are chunks of text that you can save in a SmartList and recall at a later time by selecting them from a list, or by typing in the related HashTag into specific text fields.
  2. Headings:  Headings are created in SOAP chart sections.  For example, in the Chief Concerns section, you can create a heading called “Digestive Issues”.  You can then further create a SmartList of snippets that will be associated with that heading.
  3. Products: A product SmartList is a list of all the products in your dispensary.  Products have 2 types of SmartLists associated with them: A dosage SmartList, and a description SmartList.
  4. Protocols: A protocol SmartList allows you to save and recall various pieces of data from a specific section in your SOAP chart.  For example, you can save acupuncture protocols, IV protocols, Injection protocols, etc.
  5. Templates: A template SmartList allows you to select and import custom templates into you SOAP chart.

You can manage many of your SmartLists in the SmartList Manager by clicking on the Template and SmartLists icon in the vertical main navigation menu.  Product lists can only be modified in the dispensary page, however.