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OutSmart EMR Pricing

Are you just looking for basic scheduling?  Do you need some minor charting capabilities?  Or are you an established professional looking for a full-featured professional EMR?  Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered!

Note: All pricing is per practitioner, per month. We have reduced rates for part-time use of the system (less than 18 hours per week of use). All admin accounts are free of charge. We also provide discounted pricing for clinics requiring multiple licenses. Please contact us for a custom quote for your clinic.

$0 $10/mth $29/mth $69/mth $0
Basic Scheduling
Online Booking
Patient Management
Basic Notes
E-mail Reminders
To Do / Task List
Patient Portal
Assisted Patient Data Import $50 $50
Email Support
Advanced Scheduling
Intake Forms
Document Uploads (100MB)
Phone support
Fax $15 $15 $15
Billing  $10* $10* 10*  $10*
Basic Charting (freeform SOAP)
Smart Canvas
Document Storage (2GB)
Live Training (2 hours)
Messenger Support
SMS Reminders
Assisted Chart Data Import $100
Treatment Plans
Advanced Charting
Document Storage (5GB)
Charting Templates
Live Training (5 hours)
Financial Reporting
Direct Insurance Billing Optional
Provincial Healthcare Billing (coming soon) Optional
Payment Processing Optional
Express Checkout
Smart Lists
Product Schedule
Chart Histories
Diagnosis Tracking
Measurement graphs
Product & Ingredient Inventory Management
Blends & Recipes

* $10/month billing: At least 1 practitioner at the clinic must have a full PRO account.  This $10/month add-on can be used by practitioners who do not want a PRO account but want to bill through another practitioner who DOES have a PRO account.

Additional Subscription Details:

Community Accounts: These accounts are completely free, and are intended for those practitioners who simply want a scheduling and online booking solution, with e-mail reminders and basic patient notes.  Support for community accounts is limited to e-mail support, and our online knowldgebase.

Schedule+ Accounts: These accounts have everything from the community accounts, and include advanced scheduling options, intake forms, and 100MB of document space to allow for attachments to be sent to your patients upon booking.  You can also get access to phone support, as well as fax integration.  This account is intended for those practitioners who require a bit more from their scheduling solution, but does not include any medical charting capacity other than basic patient notes.

Basic Accounts: There accounts have everything from the Community and Schedule+ accounts, and this is the first account type that includes medical charting capabilities.  You have the ability to create basic SOAP charts, use the SmartCanvas for drawing or image annotation, and generate printable patient treatment plans.  You also get 2GB of free storage space, 2 hours of live training, and in-app text-messenger support.  You will also have access to invoicing and billing your patients in you are connected to a clinic which has a billing account, or if you use our payment processing services.

Pro Accounts: This is our most popular account type and includes all our features, including some amazing charting functionality like product schedules, charting histories, SmartLists, Smart Templates and Protocols, diagnoses tracking, measurement graphing, etc.  This account type also include Express Checkout, our innovative checkout system that allows you to quickly create invoices for patient a-la-carte for services rendered and products recommended during their visit.  You also have access to register for direct insurance billing, provincial billing, and payment processing.

Student Accounts: You are eligible for a student account if you are currently enrolled in an an accredited healthcare educational institution and do not currently bill patients for services.  You must renew your student account eligibility each year.  You will also be eligible to keep your free student account for up to 1 year post graduation.

Return Policy:

SmartND subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime.  There is no contract and no obligation.  Billing occurs monthly, and cancellations must be done before the end of a billing cycle.