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SmartND Help Index

  1. SmartND Setup

    1. Create a Free Account
    2. Create An Office
    3. Purchase A Subscription (optional)
    4. Setup Your Practitioner Profile
    5. Setup The Office Profile
    6. Practitioner Visit & Event Types vs Office Visit & Event Types
    7. Setting Up Automatic Reminders
    8. Setup Online Booking
  2. Expand Your Office

    1. Invite Practitioners & Admin Staff to your office
    2. Purchase/ Assign licenses to invite practitioners
    3. Difference Between Practitioners & Staff
  3. Patient Management

    1. Adding Patients To Office
    2. Importing A Patient List
    3. Patient Associations 
    4. Associating a patient with multiple clinics
    5. Patient Work Space
    6. Patient Notes
    7. How to Unlink a Patient 
    8. Tracking Whether a Patient has created a Patient Portal Account
    9. Sending Patient Portal Instruction Emails
  4. Documents, Handouts & Attachment

    1. Patient Documents, Attachments & Handouts
    2. Practitioner Documents & Attachments
    3. Sharing Handouts With Patients Through SmartND Circles
    4. How to Save Charts and Invoices to PDF Format
    5. How to Share Documents such as Lab Work with Patients
    6. How to Share Documents with a Practitioner working In the Same Clinic
    7. How to Rename or Delete Documents
    8. SmartND Fax
  5. Forms & Questionnaires

    1. Creating New Forms
    2. Sharing and Importing Forms
    3. Sending Forms to Patients
    4. Viewing Forms and Importing Submitted Forms Into a Smart Chart
    5. Patients: Completing And Submitting Questionnaires
  6. Patient Portal

    1. Patient Portal Set Up
    2. Welcome To Patient Portal
    3. Manage your Patient Portal Profile
    4. Patient Treatment Workspace
  7. Templates & SmartLists

    1. What are Smart Templates?
    2. Creating Your First Template.
    3. Importing a Sample Template.
    4. Using a Template in your SOAP Charts.
    5. Template and Chart Cards.
    6. What Are Smart Lists?
    7. Recover Unassigned SmartLists
    8. Sharing Charts
  8. Billing & Dispensary

    1. Difference Between A Clinic Dispensary And A Office Dispensary.
    2. Setting Up Dispensary Tax Rates and Tax Groups
    3. Adding a Product to your Dispensary 
    4. How to Create a Discount 
    5. How to Apply a Discount to an Invoice
    6. How to Create a New Invoice
    7. Using Categories to Separate Products and Services
  9. Calendar

    1. Calendar Features
    2. Booking An Appointment.
    3. How to Connect SmartND Calendar with Google Calendar.
  10. Smart Charts

    1. Sharing Smart Charts